Adding, Editing, and Deleting Buildings

Last Updated: May 10, 2012 04:51PM EDT


Adding Buildings

After a development has been created, one or multiple buildings may be added within it. 

1. Navigate to the 'Properties' tab
2. Select the desired development in which to add buildings
3. Select 'Add a Building'

Add a building

4. Enter the address in the format 123 Main St, Anytown, State and click on Search.  WegoWIse will then display possible address matches. Click on the correct one. 

Note: If the address cannot be located, please enter a nearby address. WegoWise uses the address to determine which climate zone the building is in, as well as Heating and Cooling Degree Days for the location.  

If no matching addresses are displayed, you may be using a browser that WegoWise does not support. WegoWise is optimized for use on Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer version 8 and older are not supported. 

5. After you have selected your address, you'll be prompted to fill out the characteristics of the building.

Editing Buildings

1. Navigate to the 'Properties' tab,
2. Select the development in which the building lives
3. Click on the desired building to edit
4. Select the pencil icon beside the building name to edit the building's characteristics

Edit a building
The pencil icon can also be used on the Development level page to edit developments

Delete a Building

A building can be deleted by clicking on the "X" next to the building name.  

Delete a building

If there is utility data associated with this building, you will be presented with a list of building utility meters.  Please review the list of meters associated with the building before deleting.  You will not be able to recover this data once it has been deleted.