Creating a Custom Report

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2012 11:24AM EDT


Create a Report

  1. Click on the 'Report' tab
  2. To create a new report, click on the 'Create New Report' button. To view/edit an existing report, please select the desired report from the 'Existing Reports' tab.
  3. Specify report criteria - name the report, specify building/development for reporting, and select desired utility data for reporting. After selecting a desired report type, click "Continue."

create custom reports

Filter Report

A filter report allows you to add buildings within your account to a report that meet criteria that you set.  If you set no filters, all buildings in your account will be added to the report.  As you add new criteria, the number of buildings that will be included in the report will update in the blue box.  When you press "Create Report" a report will be created containing the buildings within your account that meet the criteria.  At the same time, a benchmark will be created that includes all of the buildings in the wider WegoWise database that also meet those criteria.  
Some examples of reports that WegoWise users have created include one looking at all their buildings in a certain region or one showing all of the buildings in their account that operate on gas heat and hot water.

create filter report

Manual Report

A manual report allows you to select as many or as few specific buildings from within your account to include in a report.  

Manual report

Year-Over-Year Report

This allows you to look at multiple years of data for a single building. This is useful for quantifying how a building's energy usage has changed over time.

Year over year report

Progress Report

This allows you to track energy use and water consumption against a targeted goal. This report displays annual performance of properties or individual buildings in a way in which users can easily visualize how properties in a portfolio are contributing to an overall cost and/or consumption reducing goal.