Creating a Custom Benchmark

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2012 11:23AM EDT

Create a Custom Benchmark

Want to delete a benchmark? Scroll down for instructions. 

Step 1

Begin by going to 'Reports' at the top of your page.

custom reports

Step 2

Click into an existing report or create a new report.  Once in a report, above the graph for that building there will be an "Add Benchmark button."

add benchmark

Step 3

Select the filters you would like to use to build your benchmark.  You will be able to specify and control any of the characteristics you assigned when you entered the building information into WegoWise. 

Add a New Benchmark

Step 4

Click "Add Benchmark" once you've filtered for everything that you want to.  If you've gotten too specific with your benchmark, Wego will let you know that there aren't enough buildings in our database to create the benchmark.  Once you add the benchmark you'll be taken back to your report.  Typically you'll see a message saying "Computation in progress."  Wait about 30 seconds and refresh the page and you should see data for the benchmark.  

To Delete a Benchmark

Step 1

Click the pencil icon next to report name to edit the report.
Edit Report

Step 2

Click the "Add/Remove Benchmarks" button.
Add/Remove Benchmark

Step 3

You'll now have the option to delete whichever benchmark(s) you want.  You can also rename benchmarks from this screen and see what group of buildings makes up that benchmark.  If a characteristic is followed by = '1', then that benchmark includes that characteristic.  If it's followed by = '0', then the benchmark does not include that characteristic.  
Delete benchmark