The Performance Overview (Scatterplot)

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2013 02:06PM EDT

There's no point in overhauling the 2,500 sq ft lemon in your portfolio to reduce a $2,500 annual bill when you have a 9,500 sq ft low-rise that's performing slightly below average but costing you $25,000 per year.  WegoWise's scatterplot combines efficiency and cost, allowing you to quickly pick out not just your least efficient, but also your most expensive buildings, so you can target your funds to where they will have the largest impact. 

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How is the Scatterplot generated?

The scatterplot graphs your buildings according to total utility cost (X-Axis) and efficiency in usage/sq ft (Y-Axis). Scatterplot, WegoWise Performance Overview

How should I use it?

Each point on the scatterplot represents an individual building and the shape and color of that point indicates which development that building belongs to.  Hovering over the development names in the "Legend" (to the right of the page) illuminates buildings within that series, and clicking on a development name temporarily removes all the buildings within that development from the scatterplot. 

To use the scatterplot, first determine what utility you want to analyze. If you're trying to reduce your overall spend, a good place to start is with the "All Energy" tab, as this is the most general. You'll notice that the buildings on the graph will reshuffle as you click from utility tab to utility tab, reflecting the costs and efficiency associated with that particular fuel. 

Then, dive in. Start by identifying your "Worst Performing" buildings, which are located in the upper right quadrant of the scatter plot. You can mouse over an individual point to display the building's address and annual usage and cost data, or click on the point and link through to the "Benchmark Summary" page for that property. From there you'll be able to see how your building is performing relative to similar buildings within our database.

Why are some of my properties not appearing on the scatterplot?

In order to appear on the scatterplot, a building must have a full year of usage data and a full year of total cost information for that particular utility. To check why a building in your portfolio is not appearing on the scatterplot, go to the Building List page (Properties > Development List > Building List), and elect to view only "Full Building Usage".  Then, using the dropdown menus to select usage and then cost, check whether an annual total appears next to that property's name.
  • Total Cost not displaying? Learn how to populate it here.

Can I turn off certain developments?

Why of course! Just mouse over to the "Legend" to the right of the page, and click on the development name. This will turn off all buildings in that development and cause the scatterplot to reconfigure.

Help! My properties are all squished together!

If you have any large outliers in your portfolio, you may notice that the scale required to plot this point forces all your buildings with more proportional usage towards the center of the graph, layering them on top of one another. To get a better view of these clustered buildings, mouse over to the "Legend" and scroll down to the development with the outlier. Then, click on the development name to hide that development's buildings from view. The graph will rescale to better fit the viewable data, and the clustered points will separate. If you are still experiencing grouping, it may be necessary to turn a few more developments off.